Band Lab

Instructor: Rene Worst

Date: Tuesdays, February 11 - March 17

Time: 7:30 pm

Price: $125, early bird discount is available*

Band Lab is a fun course designed to get people playing in a small group setting. All instruments and vocalists are welcome.  Rene will create a combo or two, depending on class size, and you’ll play one or two tunes each session, focusing on standards, blues, and bossas. Intros, endings, solos, counting in, and keys will be discussed, as well as other factors that will enhance group playing.

Some ability to read charts would be an asset. Guitar players should be able to play chords.

This is a very popular class at BC Swing Camp! When you register, please be sure to let us know what instrument you will be playing.

* Save $10 if you send in your cheque before Wednesday, January 29

Check For Space In this Course!

Instructor Bio

Rene Worst is a bass player and mainstay of the Vancouver Jazz scene and beyond.  For 19 years he has led the Band Lab class at BC Swing Camp.