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Beginning to Solo 1.0

Instructor: Terry Hoffman

Date: Wednesdays, February 12 - March 18

Time: 7:30 pm

Price: $125, early bird discount is available*

Soloing is an ongoing process that enriches playing your instrument. Over the years, I’ve developed some successful techniques that have helped guitar and mandolin players learn to solo. As a teacher, it’s gratifying to help students take those first tentative steps and then learn to walk!

If you’ve been playing your guitar or mandolin for some time, and you’ve always wanted to try taking a solo, this is the class for you.  Over six weeks we’ll explore soloing over folk, blues and swing tunes in a friendly, supportive environment that will lead you to your own creativity. You will learn to express yourself!

Along the way, you will learn some basic theory of chord and scale construction, a few easy scales, useful licks, and practice exercises focused on ear training and time-feel. Note reading isn’t a requirement.

Class members will receive:

·       Charts with tunes, scales and licks (in tab) and fretboard maps

·       Video demonstrations

·       Play-along mp3 tracks

* Save $10 if you send in your cheque before Wednesday, January 29

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Instructor Bio

Terry Hoffman has been teaching guitar for more than 30 years, with special focus on blues, folk, finger style, and swing. He plays in the Thursday Jazz Trio.