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Exploring the Blues 9.0: Navigating the Blues

Instructor: Terry Hoffman

Date: Mondays, October 21st - November 25th

Time: 7:30 pm

Price: $125, early bird discount is available*

In this term we will work on advancing the fundamentals: playing chords smoothly, and rhythmic and melodic approaches to chords and solos.  We’ll work on time-feel and ear training, using easy exercises that are challenging and fun. We’ll be singing!

Each class includes a dedicated soloing component, where we will work on scales, licks, phrasing, and lots of jamming – we’ll work towards playing the best notes!

As always, I’ll include:

  • a teaching video that demonstrates various techniques at basic, intermediate and advanced skill levels
  • a play-along mp3 track
  • an instructional chart
  • soloing material written in tab
  • extension material for advanced students

Note reading isn’t a requirement and material is suitable for intermediate and advanced players (intermediate means being able to play through three-chord progressions, i.e. C-F-G, E-A-B, G-C-D, etc). Mandolin players are welcome!

You can view a video sampler of the tunes and techniques we covered in the 2018 – 2019 terms:

* Save $10 if you send in your cheque before Tuesday, October 15

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Instructor Bio

Terry Hoffman has been teaching guitar for more than 30 years, with special focus on blues, folk, finger style, and swing. He plays in the Thursday Jazz Trio.